Adding Beauty and Value to your Property


Exclusive designs with Curved Artistic creative borders

CPR Custom Concrete offers exclusive designs that you will not find anywhere else.  As a property owner, you take great pride in the beautification of your interior home and exterior landscaping.  There are not many people who want to have a patio that looks like everyone else’s.  Your concrete driveway, walkway and patio are essential parts of your landscaping plan.   They impart an inviting image and you want your completed project to reflect your personal tastes and likes.  We can guarantee you that your home beautification project will be unique as we incorporate exclusive design elements that will cause your project to stand out above the rest.

Exclusive Border Designs Utilizing the Daniels’ Stamping System

CPR Concrete offers a selection of curved border designs that utilize the Daniels’ Stamping System, the latest innovation in concrete patios.  Now you can enjoy a truly unique curved patio that conforms to and enhances the landscaping features of your home.  Of course, these borders are completely optional.  If you desire to have a standard border with no artistic design – no problem!  We aim to please.

Exclusive Designs with Stamped Concrete