Decorative concrete, white concrete, colored concrete driveways, or driveways with stamped borders – we do it all. If you desire a combination of each with either a stamped concrete finish or a broom finish – we aim to please. We will provide you a driveway that will make your neighbors envious and something that you will look forward to come home to.  It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for us to repair a section of your driveway, add onto your driveway, or completely install a new concrete driveway.  When we are done, you will have a beautiful looking driveway that will last you for countless years to come.

Low Maintenance Concrete Driveways

Today, home-owners demand quality, both inside and outside the home. Concrete has become the smart and beautiful choice. It is preferred for its durability, appearance and low maintenance. CPR Custom Concrete has earned its reputation by providing superior quality construction for all it’s concrete driveways.  We use nothing but high quality materials with a  high psi rating when installing concrete on your property.  Every job is sealed with only the best concrete sealers available in order to preserve your driveway for years to come. You will dramatically enhance the appearance and value of your property by using CPR Custom Concrete for your next home beautification project.